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Air movers in commercial building.

Keeping the Air Moving

Water Damage Restoration in San Diego, CA

If your San Diego home has been affected by flooding or other water damage, SERVPRO is here for you! Our teams utilize the best technology in the industry to ensure the best solution for your home. Give us a call for any disaster restoration need!

Loaded restoration truck.

We Are Ready!

SERVPRO® of Mid-City San Diego is ready to mobilize for any disaster, from fires to floods and anything in between! If your property has been affected by a natural disaster or internal catastrophe, our teams are standing by to ensure that your property is protected and restored to its original condition. 

Technician boarding up broken windows.

Protect Your Business!

Severe storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes can often damage shop windows and glass. SERVPRO® of Mid-City San Diego is ready to mobilize at any moment 24/7 to board up doors and windows to protect your business until further repairs can be made and you can get back in business.

Technician on scaffold.

SERVPRO Builds Back

This San Diego store front experienced a massive flood, requiring more than just a few repairs. Our highly trained professionals saw this store through both the initial restoration and the larger reconstruction until it was operational again. Our SERVPRO® team is on call 24/7 and we will arrive on the scene ASAP to help you get back on your feet and back in business.

Happy employee in front of van.

Serving You Gets Us Excited!

We know that restoration can be a stressful process, but we want to alleviate as much of that stress as possible. Our highly trained professionals bring a positive, helpful attitude to every job and are dedicated to helping in any way possible. 

Technician removing damaged carpet.

We Work Harder

Our highly trained professionals aren't just skilled; our teams approach every attitude with integrity, passion, and an tireless work ethic. Whether tearing out carpet or crawling through an attic, we are here to make your restoration journey as carefree as possible. 

Living room furniture covered in soot.

Caring for Belongings After a Fire

Fires affect more than just the area directly burned. They are incredibly destructive throughout the entire structure, leaving stubborn, hard-to-clean soot and ash all over household furniture and belongings, as pictured in this San Diego home. SERVPRO takes care of your belongings, not just the areas directly burned. 

Plastic protection over exposed fire damage.

Containing the Damage

SERVPRO is committed to protecting your home as you walk through the restoration process. After this San Diego kitchen fire, our highly trained professionals removed damaged appliances and contained the damaged area to prevent the decay from spreading until further steps could be taken. 

Stovetop destroyed from fire.

Kitchen Fire in San Diego, CA

A fire started in the kitchen of this San Diego home, destroying the kitchen appliances and requiring a huge amount of cleanup. Our SERVPRO team was on the scene immediately, applying our expertise in fire damage to remediate the initial effects and prevent ongoing damage. 

Ceiling tiles caving in from water damage.

A Messy Situation

After this San Diego store experienced a huge roof leak, many of the ceiling tiles were falling in and numerous products and shelves had been damaged Our teams conducted full reconstruction, repairing and replacing fixtures until this business was operational once again!

Technician inspecting walls for water content.

Every Job is Different

This San Diego home flood after a massive storm, soaking much of the walls. Our team conducted a thorough investigation to determine exactly the extent of the damage. SERVPRO treats every job with a fresh perspective and conducts detailed assessments to determine what all has been affected and what all is needed to restore your property. 

Technicians packing up kitchen utensils.


In the event of a water catastrophe, it can be extremely stressful to figure out what to do with the contents of the affected area. SERVPRO is committed to making that process as easy as possible. When this San Diego home experienced massive storm damage, the kitchen had to be repaired. While the restoration process was underway, our team packed, transported, and stored the kitchen appliances and belongings safely to relieve stress for the homeowner. 

Technician cleaning car upholstery.

Attention to Detail

This San Diego company's truck had become incredibly soiled through countless jobs. Our SERVPRO team paid careful attention to detail, removing every stain and making this truck look as good as new! We are passionate about providing excellent results, from small upholstery cleaning jobs to large flood losses and everything in between. 

Air movement devices in a hallway.

Restoring Your Business

This hallway was flooded from a busted pipe, and the carpets had to be completely removed. SERVPRO developed a customized strategy for evaporating and extracting the water using SERVPRO's array of air movement devices. 

Technician collects water from a dehumidifier.

The Extra Mile

Flooding creates a number of ongoing problems. Not only does the water need to be collected, but the humidity needs to be monitored, as excess moisture in the air creates an environment that allows mold to grow. Our highly trained professionals are careful to contain the water collected to prevent air from dissipating back into the air. 

Team member in the back of a SERVPRO van.

A Speedy Response Is Crucial!

A quick response to your loss can be the difference between a quick fix and a lengthy mitigation process. Our SERVPRO team is always on standby and ready to help!

Man smiling.

We Are Happy To Help!

When we say that we are happy here to help, we mean it! We understand that a loss of any size can cause you a lot of stress. Our team is dedicated to being there to help get your San Diego property back to normal!

SERVPRO van at a gas station.

Always Ready to Help

No matter when disaster strikes, our SERVPRO of Mid City San Diego team is always ready to help! During major storm events, our crew will even travel across state lines to help people in need!

Smoke and soot damage in kitchen.

Soot & Smoke Cleanup in San Diego

A fire might not leave behind a ton of structural damage to your home or business in San Diego, however, it will leave behind significant smoke and soot damage. You can trust SERVPRO of Mid City San Diego for all your fire, soot, and smoke damage cleanup needs!

close up of cabinet fire

Fire Remediation in Mid-City San Diego

Many fires have hit Southern California these past couple of months. But not all fires we have remediated have come from natural fires, but those from the stove as well. To read more about this incident click here.

Production Technician

Production Technician Ready to Start Spraying Fire Retardant

This past month our team has been heavily involved with the fires occurring in San Diego County. Shown in the photo are our Production Technicians Samson and Andy. They are getting ready for another day full of cleaning and spraying off fire retardant.

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Warren Conner retired Navy Seal

Daily Check Ins for Water Remediation

Warren Conner is Production Manager and Owner of SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego. Everyday we meetings to discuss how jobs are going along. Our production manager goes above and beyond and makes sure to teach the team something new, wether that is a new process or ways to implement excellence. During storm seasons or busy seasons our meetings start early in order to serve our community best.

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SERVPRO tech taking out carpet

Storm Damage Causes Carpet Damage

Unfortunately when rain comes into your home, the carpet must go out. Often times when a storm approach the carpet of a residence the water may have been sitting at the for an extended amount of time. Water saturation causes the infrastructure of a home to weaken and must be dried and remediated to avoid extra cause.

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hub international facilities disinfected

Disinfecting Hub International During COVID-19

We had the privilege of disinfecting Hub International. They are headquartered in San Diego, CA. During COVID-19 a SERVPRO Mid-City team disinfected the offices in order to prepare for all employees to come back into the facilities.

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technician in vtec suit muddy

A Muckout Job Handled by SERVPRO Mid-City San Diego

Along with a storm also comes with a muck out job. A muck out job requires a SERVPRO technician to go under a home and extract anything that is causing flooding in a home. Extraction starts at SERVPRO!

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servpro technician disinfecting wall after water burst

Disinfecting Surfaces After Water Loss

Many times when water damage has occurred drying the surface becomes the priority. But there is also an important step and that is disinfecting the surface. This will prevent mold from growing or developing.

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The Conner family posing for photo

1 Year in Business

Did you know last month was SERVPRO’s first year being open! We are so glad to be serving our community daily and learning new ways to do our job better.

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SERVPRO crew members throwing away trash

Damaged Carpet - No Problem

The SERVPRO truck is stuffed with damaged carpet from a home owner's water leak incident. When we go into your home we also take care of everything that needs to be thrown out.

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SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production tech muddy from head to toe

Getting Down and Dirty on A Mission to Remove Mold

Our Production Tech, Samson getting down and dirty at a job site. He was spraying Bad Axe underneath a home. A chemical SERVPRO Franchises use to remove mold. 

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Production Technician with a face mask on

Centuries of PPE

As far back as the first century, there have been cases of personal protective equipment used for dust and respiratory protection. Production Technician Isaac protecting his lungs with a face mask.

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SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego owner posing photo with son and father

Happy Birthday Warren!

Today April 8th, is none other than business owner Warren Conner’s birthday. Our team describes him as “lionhearted,” “the kindest man they know,” “hard working, admirable, focused,” “a man of honor and dignity,” another teammate said “the way he seeks to love people by honoring them is something really rare.” And we can’t agree more that Warren is a rare, extraordinary man. We are so glad to have him in our lives.

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SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego team demolishing big room

Difficult Times

During these times it has been difficult to remain calm or positive. How have you maintained positive? How are you spending your time during the quarantine? SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is open during COVID-19.

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SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego 24 hour service production technicians

24 Hour Service

Has your bathroom flooded? Has your kitchen burned down? Have you smelled the foul odor of mold? SERVPRO of San Diego East & Mid-City is a 24 hour emergency service. We are still open amidst COVID-19, our Production Technicians are ready to serve you.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East Tech wearing a light on forehead looking for water leaks in basement of home

Big Leak Heads Down to the Basement

Sometimes work happens underground. The home owners had a major leak upstairs that spread all the way down to the basement. Yikes! Fortunately our production technician spotted the incident and were able to quickly locate the problem.

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servpro of mid-city san diego demolishing a business

Extreme Demo Day!

Our production team has been working very hard in getting this business to its bare bones. A couple months ago this particular business owner had a restroom water leak spread into the lower level. The pipe burst which caused a huge surplus of water exposing the infrastructure to mold.

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SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego crew members posing for a photo

Do you have tickets to the gun show?

Do you have your tickets to the gunshow haha! Vivian and Andy sure do. This dynamic duo handles our pack out and pack back services in order to prevent our customers’ items from further damage.

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tech posing for valentines day 2020 at servpro of mid city san diego

Happy 2020 Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines day from some of our production technicians. Senior Technician Samson, and Crew Technicians Roberto and Joel are thrilled for the holiday. We love celebrating here at SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego.

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SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production team learning drafting

Our Team Learning Drafting Skills

This week we had the opportunity to learn from the best and our very own Estimator and Project Manager, Sean Foley. Sean taught the office and production team how to draft floor plans to better understand our customer’s restoration process.

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servpro of mid city san diego technician spraying mold.

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego technician spraying mold.

Mold can sometimes be a dangerous situation. SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production technician geared up ready to spray black mold in a home with limited space.

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Production technician communicating with office

Multi-level job requires great communication

Water damage in homes is something we see everyday. This job occurred at an apartment where multiple storys were affected by water damage. Communication is key for every job, but especially for jobs that require multiple levels.

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Estimator of water damage restoration onsite for a job

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego Estimator on a job site

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego's Estimator Sean at a large job site in the central part of San Diego. This job was a huge undertaking and many people and companies within the water damage restoration industry were involved. 

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Production team member standing outside in the rain

Production team member standing outside in the rain

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production team member ready to go on route in our surrounding areas during the rain storm. It has been raining in San Diego during the holidays, we are prepared for the rain and ready to leave your homes and properties “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego crew member packing out belongings

Pack Out Day

The SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production team is packing out all the belongings from a business that had a big leak. First we start with building the boxes and then we start packing out the belongings from each room. This is done in order to prevent damage to the assets.

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego tools and equipment

The Best Equipment On the Market

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is adamant in providing excellent service. This is the reason we choose to use top-notch dehumidifiers and drying equipment. The dehumidifiers are used to take excess moisture from the air that is then drained into a nearby sink. 

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production team gathering up to finish a water damage job

Three Story Building Suffers a Big Leak

Our SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego team is busy developing a strategic plan to divide a three-story commercial job.

The SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego team had to work with multiple tenants and owners in order to get a job completed!